• To protect and promote the general welfare and interests of insurance brokers in Uganda whilst maintaining their usefulness to the public.
  • To maintain sound insurance practice by the Association members for the benefit of the insured & public at large.
  • To represent insurance brokers on matters of interest with the relevant Government and Insurers Associations in Uganda.
  • To watch over legislation affecting insurance generally and insurance brokers in particular & act accordingly in the best interests of both.
  • To ascertain the law and practice relating to insurance, and to register cases for information of members and to assist any person (broker or insured) on the same.
  • To support and subscribe to any charitable institute, society, club or cause which, may be for the benefit of deserving insurance brokers or their families and to give charitable aid to former members & former employees.
  • To synergize with relevant like-minded associations, societies or corporations in any part of the world for the benefit of member brokers & the public at large.
  • To establish & promote all classes of insurance business in the best interests of the insured and the insurer.
  • To afford means of arbitration or settle disputes or questions between members of the Association, or between members and third parties.